Friday, March 25

An Ode To Half Acre

O, Half Acre Brew'ry,
How do I love thee?
Something something Jessica Rabbit was a hot cartoon something something.

There's enough beer in there to get a small city relatively drunk

This is an earnest plea to the entire city of Chicago.  Walk, DO NOT RUN, to your nearest store of beer purchases and pick up anything Half Acre has brewed.  There are no wrong answers.  You will not be graded on the quality of your answers but rather the quantity of your purchase.

One reason Half Acre is awesome: Cans.  At said Beer Shoppe, you will no doubt notice four-packs of Half Acre cans.  Currently, they have canned Over Ale and Daisy Cutter, both exemplary ales.  The Daisy Cutter especially is a thoroughly enjoyable Pale Ale that really highlights the beauty of the American Pale Ale style by not messing with it too hard (the Double Daisy Cutter is a whoooole 'nother story).

Another reason why Half Acre pwns: truly inspired small batch beers.  Just to name some of the amazing beers I've tasted from Half Acre via growler in the past few months: Ambrosia (currently pouring, a fantastic take on a wheat beer, which I typically abhor, but the slight tartness in the citrus notes does wonders for this beer's finish), Chocolate Camaro (Chocolate Stout), Baume (Rye Stout), Callow Knife (Session Pale Ale)...  All of these beers take your assumptions of traditional styles and detonate them amidst several tons of TNT and wet hops.  The Callow Knife especially blew my mind.  Hovering near 5% ABV (if I remember correctly), this Pale Ale substituted the tongue-smacking bitterness of the style for a still-complex-yet-highly-palatable session style.  One growler was not enough, but alas, many other Chicagoans felt the same way I did and this fine beer was gone the next week.

That's not a knife, THIS is a knife

Oh yeah, and their bottle art is completely baller.

Half Acre is located on Lincoln Ave and Cullom Ave in Northcenter.  To be sure, it's worth the trip from wherever you are in the city.  The lads by the front desk are very down to earth and clearly love their beer, which they most certainly should.  Do yourself a favor and bring your growler (or buy one there) to fill up on whatever small batches they are pouring -- these are truly some of the most brilliant beers being brewed in Chicago today (with much due respect to Metropolitan, Goose Island, Revolution, and Piece).

One of these things is not like the other


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